Are you intimidated by “experts?”

Today Beth shares a crazy story about an expert who mistakenly deleted a large chunk of her email list and Jacklyn shares a bit about the β€œpower of the microphone.” Do experts need insider information or are they simply a bit louder than the rest of the audience? Hmmm…



What drives your creative process?

Creative endeavors are tough! Writers get reviewed. Musicians get ranked. Artists continually need to explain their work. Poets… oh, the poor poets.

So, why do we put up with so many hardships when we often feel under appreciated, overworked, mocked, scammed, and (sometimes) even attacked by other creative people?

Jackie and I discuss such things on today’s podcast (which is surprisingly upbeat). Go figure. πŸ™‚



Taxes, Record Keeping, and Freelancing

Is your freelancing biz an actual business or a hobby? Today we wrestle with that burning question and discuss tax deductions and steps you should take if you want to present your creative endeavor as an actual business. Good luck and enjoy!



Amateur Versus Professionals

Today’s a red letter day because in today’s Notes from Minnesota I’ve got a fantastic co-hostess (with the mostess).

Her name’s Jackie. She’s one of the best musicians you’ll ever meet. She’s been playing forever and a day… worldwide. Plus she’s awesome.

Enjoy as we chat about what differentiates an amateur versus a professional. Then answer may surprise you… πŸ™‚